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“I’m running because I love Alberta.  This is my home and I feel passionately that the people of this province are not being treated fairly by Ottawa. We need to push back, regain our pride, and have autonomy over our decisions. Together, let’s put Alberta First and as Premier, that is exactly what I will do.”

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14 hours ago
Danielle Smith

Alberta's film & tv industry is growing, providing jobs for people & revenues for our province. It's time for our digital gaming side to catch up. Today, I'm honoured to announce the 'Digital Production Tax Credit' with my friend Nate Glubish.

I also want to thank Inflexion Games in Edmonton, along with Digital Alberta for the good work they have done moving this industry forward.

If you believe in good policies like this, then join our team! Only 5 days left to get a membership at
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Great policy! We now have equal footing with the rest of Canada. Investment will rush to Alberta to open new studios and our government coffers will grow too! Win win

If tax credits can so easily be given out like behavioral rewards, why tax that much to begin with?

How many celebrities oppose & protest ALBERTA'S oil & gas industry? ALOT! LEO DECRAPRIO & Jane Fonda can't respond to this comment as they are jet setting around the world in their private jet. Then they will be Jet skiing or relaxing on his mega yacht until he returns home to drive around in one of his many fast sports cars ALL powered by unicorn pee and fairy dust! Lets support ALBERTA'S OIL & GAS industry that built this province.💙 🇫🇰 🛢️

Excellent news Danielle and Nate, and Nate, Welcome to Team Danielle Smith!

The NDP started this market-distorting & wasteful tax credit and the UCP rightfully cancelled it. This does not bode well for your limited-government / libertarian cred. Don't be like Rachel:

More Tax Credit Communism from danielle. Because government should be picking winners and pandering to every flavour of the month industry whether AB has any natural advantage or not.

Digital gaming or production is part of World Economic Forum, that is how block chain work through WEF. Jason Kenney as WEF member, that is how Digital production started in Alberta. Anything digital comes from WEF as it is a block chain organization . So is Smith supporting WEF now? Digital banking is from WEF. Digital Production Tax Credit is part of WEF! So how is Danielle Smith going to continue with all this digital stuff if no one is allow to be part of WEF organization? She is a flip flopper, all over the map....

Solid move Nate Glubish

How about putting your concern to shit that matters!!!! Stop spending our fucking money on pet projects!!!

when are the vote papers supposed to be mailed

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17 hours ago
Danielle Smith

I’m thrilled to welcome MLA Nate Glubish to my campaign team! Nate and I are both passionate about growing our tech sector here in Alberta. We have a special announcement coming shortly.

Join our team and get a membership at
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I’m thrilled to welcome MLA Nate Glubish to my campaign team! Nate and I are both passionate about growing our tech sector here in Alberta. We have a special announcement coming shortly.

Join our team and get a membership at

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Great choice, Nate! Nate and I share a set of great great grandparents. They were immigrants in 1903, and pioneered southwest of Edmonton.

Nate has nicer hair.

Awww Nate Glubish ... not a good political move 😔

22 hours ago
Danielle Smith

Far too many of our children have fallen behind in academics and social development. We must provide teachers and parents the supports they need.

We cannot fail our kids. They’re more than worth it!

Stand with our kids, join me at
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She’s got my vote !

stop teaching all the BS on sex education and go back to reading writing and arithmatic and maybe things will improve. So much time spent on deciding what sex you want to be that there isn't time to deal with the things you will actually need to make a living

Support Public Education. School choice is a farce, meant to take public funds to prop up privatization. It is a failure in the USA. No one should be making money off children! No tax dollars to private schools. Only PUBLIC EDUCATION like in Finland. Finland is tops in the world for education results. Model after Finland, not the failed USA.

Canada's Marjorie Taylor Greene........that is NOT a good thing.....

I attempted to sign up but either a glitch or something as it wouldn't take any of my cards

The last few years has been a failure for our childrens education, especially the younger ones and those who depend on assistance.


This is great news!


Facebook put a warning on this when I tried to share it referring me to a covid site. That is 100% censorship and propaganda on behalf of Facebook and against our kids. The globalists want YOU to believe that locking down your kids was a GOOD IDEA If this doesn’t tell you that Danielle Smith is the one to vote for, nothing will. Danielle, watching that video gave me the reassurance that my family needed that the government may actually have my best interest. Good luck Premier Danielle Smith!!

I stand with supporting kids, but not out of control teachers unions or NDP indoctrination. A solid learning curriculum is needed. Leave the trash teaching at home.

Why was this filmed in front of a fenced in playground for purchase display?

It also wouldn't take my card.

I'm not offering you millions of dollars,but I will teach you how to make minimum of $7,000 within 24 hours with your cellphone or your laptop,if interested kindly download telegram app and click on the link below to join the legit platform ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Proof this loony tunes can not deal with any future problems this province has. Total lunatic

Finally, Smith says something I can agree with. Time to reverse the senseless and harmful Kenney education cuts. We need to invest in our children so this province will have a future.

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2 days ago
Danielle Smith

Our truckers are the backbone of our economy! I'm thrilled to have their support & committed to helping their industry improve safety, create shared responsibility, & cut red tape.

If you're '10-4 rubber duck' for our truckers🚚🚛get a membership at
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Our truckers are the backbone of our economy! Im thrilled to have their support & committed to helping their industry improve safety, create shared responsibility, & cut red tape.

If youre 10-4 rubber duck for our truckers🚚🚛get a membership at

Comment on Facebook

So which truckers do you support. The ones who decided it was their right to blockade border crossing and occupy downtown Ottawa putting thousands of companies into worse condition than before or do you support the truckers who's livelihood were destroyed by these blockades and homegrown terrorists?

Indeed they are…they help everyone produce. The political class are consumers however…and could learn a lesson from these hard workers.

They turned things around for us and held their ground

Just how have you ever supporters workers never mind truck drivers. What crock. To those in the picture you need to look up her record on labour.

Then start by banning ELDs, improve training and testing requirements for a Class One, and build some proper rest areas with washrooms that are maintained more than once a week!!

Funny how Smith doesn't mention the 'convoy' leaders who WERE NOT truckers, but right wing activists, all of whom were charged with a variety of offenses under the law. Pretty funny, huh?

Wonder how many of these truckers posing in the back either even went with their trucks to Ottawa or supported ending the mandates. I still wonder why Jagmeet described the convoy as an extremist racist mysognistic group last I checked I had 20-20 vision but it seems to me these gentlemen fall under the same skin tone and religion or race that Jagmeet and I are from. Hmmmmm maybe it's the same guys who picked up extra shifts and loads at higher prices to make some good $$$ while hard working Canadian trucker and farmer brothers and sisters sacrificed quite a lot for the good of all Canadians to end all mandates for everyone

So you were against the Coutts blockade that cost truckers money and made it impossible for them to do their job??

Trucking Industry Unions certainly do NOT support you just a select few, be honest & truth, vs misleading statements #leadership #honesty #FireKenney #cdnpoli #AbPoverty #AbLeg #abpoli

I do not think Danielle Smith's endorsement is the help you think it is 🤣

Danielle Smith.. 👍🏻👍🏻.. Albertans need your kind of leadership!! Finally a woman who has the know how on how to be a strong leader. A leader for the people at ground level. Those are the kind of people who should have been recognized long ago!! 👍🏻👍🏻.. Show Notley/Brian Jean Regime how it’s really done!!👍🏻👍🏻

I’d be more impressed if you created an action plan to weed out all of the piss poor truck drivers we have on our roads today. Trucking in Canada has never been less accountable and non-safety oriented than what it is today.

As a trucker I also remember when the ucp declared us non essential. So didn't qualify for help . Sorry no vote from me.

YES Support our Truckers, but you know what other profession is equally important? Doctors! We need to SUPPORT OUR DOCTORS! ~ No way should a doctor who has just graduated from University be paid the same as a doctor who has put in their time with 30+ years experience! ~ No way should a doctor who has graduated in 2018 be able to work 2 days per week, or 1 day per week! ~ It appears more female doctors are graduating from medicine, than males. This needs to change! ~ Female doctors working 2 days per week must be counted as half a doctor, not a full doctor. This will allow the government to hire more doctors. Currently, a female doctor working 2 days per week is counted as 1 full doctor, but clearly 2 days per week does not have the same patient output as a male doctor working 5 days per week. It's pretty simple math. Apparently, doctors have to report the number of hours the work annually, as they need to meet a particular requirement. 2 days per week does not meet that requirement, so someone from College of Physicians and Surgeons or government needs to be checking up. It's not just happening in AB, I know people how have come across the same situation in 3 other provinces. Young female doctors working 2 days per week. Enough of this! Our country has a doctor shortage crisis!!!

Way to go truckers thanks to all of you for your service

Todd Loewen DROVE across the country in support of our truckers with the Freedom Convoy. Where were you Daniel? Still forcing customers to show proof of vaxx at your restaurant?

Danielle we all make mistakes and you have said that you learned from yours and moved on and are wiser for it. Well some of us are skeptical. I like your message and believe in your platform. My question is IF you donot follow through with all the promises you are putting out there are you going resign or put something in place where we the people of Alberta can kick you to the curb IF that happens. We have all been through enough bullshit with this current goverment and we certainly dont need a good speaker but a real action doer. Do what you say and then do it.

I wouldn’t vote for her. She is a flip flop. 👎👎👎👎👎

Look at what's Driving our country???

How come there are no normally dressed white men?

The truckers should boycott Ottawa, I would like the fuckhead trudumb to explain why the selves are empty. He wanted the truckers to go. They should stay away, and let people know that its because of Trudeau.

Thank goodness for the Truckers as we receive nothing to be thankful for from our Federal Government in honesty or Leadership.

I support the truckers but I will NOT support a traitor. She was a traitor to her party and constituents or have you people forgotten that.

When the Truckers went to Ottawa,what were you saying back then? Were you publicly advocating or were you silent?

She supports truck driving school graduates?

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3 days ago
Danielle Smith

Thank you Brian Jean for your response to our position. Respectfully, Pierre Poilievre is correct. Economic corridors are a solid win for Canada's economy and Alberta energy. Fort McMurray's innovations have already proven we can solve terrain challenges. We have the people! 💪 ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you Brian Jean for your response to our position. Respectfully, Pierre Poilievre is correct. Economic corridors are a solid win for Canadas economy and Alberta energy. Fort McMurrays innovations have already proven we can solve terrain challenges. We have the people! 💪

Comment on Facebook

Brian Jean always has an answer as to why something CANNOT be done... it is time that we take on difficult tasks and show others how something CAN be done. Brian Jean is a step into the past... in a time when we must be moving in the future.

Well Brian Jean there is a little machine called a Dredge that could solve your water depth issue. Also a pipeline through muskeg has been done for years. With proper (short) planning Churchill is viable. Russia has been developing and shipping in Siberia and the Arctic for years.

These are the kind of responses that have turned me away from the Jean camp after voting for him in the last leadership campaign.

I agree with you Danielle. Let’s focus on how to make it happen. If the port is to shallow, dig it deeper. Easy solution don’t you think?

Typical Brian Jean, first out the Shute only to give up and look backwards. Danielle Smith is our commander of chief our premier of Alberta. Go D Smith

Well Jean is correct, Churchill is a shallow port and supertankers wont work there. However there could be a loading platform and a pipeline for supertankers. Either way Jean will never get my vote. He always criticizes his opponent but never has solutions. I like that Pierre is looking at solutions, there are challenges in Churchill for pipelines such as muskeg as well. We need short term solutions in addition to long term ones. Oil demand is still rising... And it will be us producing it....or blood oil producers.. The choice is really up to Canadians because we are our own worst enemy to Canadas oil.

Port of Churchill has a deep port. It was used as a northern military air base. . Decommissioned but the poet serves as a tourist destination via the big tourist ships. Churchill port was one of the biggest grain handling ports before thunderbay was given the money.

Only the three provinces need to work together. Saskatchewan Alberta Manitoba (SAM). BC can float down the toilet for all I care. Socialist province if I ever seen one.

Gee. Brian Jean has lost it. Why would you win in Alberta saying “no we can’t”?

I'd say the one major problem area is the Port is owned by a private consortium and there are no guarantees except "an offer they can't refuse". I bet they are dreaming 9 figures when they sleep at night. As for Brian Jean's comment - dredging harbours is commonplace. (Unless it's solid rock...?!?) But with New York City under water and the Maldives gone since 2018 due to climate change - we already have the 2m. 😅

I’ve been hoping for leaders like Pierre and Danielle since the disaster that was the NEP. Oil and gas are here to stay for a long time. Read “False Claims” Bjorn Lomborg. Or turn off the mini pipeline that goes into your house to heat your home to gain an instant understanding of the value of this industry. Yes, I want reliable clean, green energy once it’s available.

Certainly isn't hard for Danielle to outclass Brian. Can't stand the man anymore. He is only hurting the party. Has been for years. Shows up when it's convenient.

Build whatever you want. It's still iced in 9 months of the year.

Brian Jean is sketchy

This post alone shows you cannot stand on your own to lead. You relying on Pierre Pilievre. When will you start making decisions on your own and start doing something. It’s shows you cannot run Alberta. We need someone strong, knowledgeable and hands on.

What a silly thing to argue about, this should be up to the private sector to do or not do with private capital and if the risks and costs are justified then the government should give the approvals. Any conservative Alberta government would give the approvals. We should be worried about which ones would spend public money.

Still hitting my head on the wall! Who the hell do you people get your info from? They make you look like a bunch of dummies! Come on! How many times do we re-write a pipeline deal. Get the products to the east or west and just DO IT! It will be for the betterment of all Canadians- especially those with their hands out!!!

“Team Brian”. 🤣🤣

Why don't you incompetents leave running the oil industry to the oil corporations? And while you're at it, leave pandemic control to the scientists, cancer to the oncologists, constitution to experts, and so on. Stick to what you know... pandering to the uninformed for votes.

It comes down to a choice - which is easier, convincing Vancouver to allow this or engineering Churchill to be productive?

And as we all know Vancouver port has been doing such a fantastic job keeping up with all the shipping they already have no back log there 😂😂😂

The fact that he came on your post is just fuk'n greasy & desperate!

where there's a will, there's a way

Hey BJ ever hear of dredging?

Haha good response

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3 days ago
Danielle Smith

Great idea Pierre Poilievre! ... See MoreSee Less

Great idea Pierre Poilievre!

Comment on Facebook

Danielle leading Alberta and Pierre leading Canada will be the total dream team

How about we build refineries in Alberta instead of trying to find ways to ship it out we have cut up refineries in this province in the last 30 years and shipped them to other countries to put them back together we need to be self-sufficient not rely on others 

When we start telling people what they can and cannot buy, we might as well call ourselves China. Let people and corporations speak with their wallets. We didn’t ban milk from the US, we shouldn’t ban oil from Saudi Arabia. But we should make it as easy as possible for every province in Canada to use Canadian oil and gas.

YESSS, I've been saying this for years. By-pass Quebec and Ontario

Don’t need super tankers. It’s all easily navigable within our own costal limits clear down to St.John and the refining facilities there

You never worried about the First Nations before. Don’t pretend to start worrying about them now. Where were you when we needed a woman leader to stand for them when the Pope came to rescind the documents. You have no idea what they want. Leave it to the big guys to handle this. We don’t want you to mess it up. Brian stood with them because he has a heart for them. He also has the knowledge how to help them. Just like how he stood for Fort Mac people. We need a leader not a talker.

As pm just tell Quebec it is in national interest and shut up. The pipeline will go through! It is time someone grew a set and took a stand

I’m sure it can be done!…if they can get a highway to Alaska I’m sure they can through the muskeg in Manitoba!

OMG smith is telling you what you want to hear just to get votes ROFL, and people are falling for it just like Covid unbelievable. People never learn Lol

I think Danielle is a very smart cookie !

great idea!

Pierre P is a globalist. His campaign manager is WEF member. Don’t be fooled. Ask him about the UN stainable development goals. He’s already lied about knowing nothing about them. Just giving up one tyrant for another. Danielle where do u stand on this? The only way to go federally is PPC.

Why would the oil companies do this??? They already have a pipeline south to the only buyer they want for our diluted bitumen. The St.Lawrance is already perfect for getting oil to and from Ontario and Quebec. There is no buyers for diluted bitumen in Europe. The 51st State pipedream is even more realistic than a Churchill oil port. Just keep plugging Brian Jean. These people do not realize that these conservatives who are crazy right wing are only offering the same old idiocracy. Keep up the campaign and these people will come to realize that Harper and Poilievre are on team Kenney, and they are the last ones who will try and demand that the oil companies build a pipeline east.

Blame the turd and his Quebec buddies!!!!

Why don't you idiots get your heads straight and work together for us people? ? All you assholes are doing is ensuring that the citiot vote puts that destructive twat notley back in charge!! Faaackkk sakes enough already???

I'm not voting for any of you. Although Brian Jean seems to be the most reasonable. (although still not voting for him either).

Team Brian here: And by the way the Port of Churchill is 2 metres shallower than the Port of Vancouver and can only handle small tankers not supertankers even if we could get the oil there in the first place.

Overseas oil means exactly that, everything east of manitoba.

at least we have someone looking at how to move our product.trickling it out east by train was not economical

This is why your leadership is poor. Canadians are creative and nimble. Technological advances and the sheer will for companies to export our product will prevail.

Just going to add the fact Saudi buying all the cheap oil from Putin and selling it to North America. How dumb can we be

I won’t vote for her . She is a piece of work .

Deep seaport belongs in Kitimat with Northern Gateway

Danielle Smith is an IDIOT...a naive one at that...left not knowing where she was going and upon arriving did not know how she got there...a complete IDIOT...two faced...back stabbing IDIOT...has done more harm then good to the UCP party of alberta then anyone before sense of where the province is heading...doesn't see the big picture at all...a complete IDIOT...

Hey Brian: You seen to be more interested in talking about problems than i finding solutions.

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3 days ago
Danielle Smith

I want to thank Fort McMurray, Wabasca, Slave Lake, High Prairie, & the nearly 300 people who showed up in Grande Prairie to end the northern tour. These communities work hard & deserve reliable local doctors and good roads. Let’s get it done.

There is only a few days left to get a membership, head to to get one right now!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Thank you very much Danielle for showing your commitment to the North, it’s greatly appreciated!

Great to see you and chat last night. You are talking about extremely relevant points.

Let’s go Danielle!!! Definitely better to have you over Brian Jean and his new Notley Regime he joined.

Excellent idea with better doctors, not just more doctors.

Great commitment Northern Alberta!

I like how every politician that comes to GP comments on the roads, lol, especially if they've travelled hwy 43!

Not going to lie I had my mind made up to vote for Todd especially for what he did and how he stood up for the choice movement. He will probably still get my vote but have certainly taken my second vote. Hope to see you keep your word if and when you get elected

Don’t be fooled. She’s just not the person for the job.

Hire all the CA docs that have been let go. There is some amazing medical talent to be grabbed up from the medical tyranny being practiced in most provinces.

Good to see your touring and getting out there, but a comment you made about cancer patients!!!! Made my mind up. Heartless

Danielle Smith a leader with forward going ideas and and a plan to implement same! It will take great resolve but she is up to the task ! May require a bit of house cleaning!

Just another politician promising everything to get elected.

Conspiracy theories and ignorant comments about cancer patients. I’d sooner vote for Gumby.

Knowledge and tenacity. There’s never been a greater need for that than now.

Thanks Danielle and Todd. Lots of great information. Two very good candidates.

Where will you find the Drs. when the U.C.P.have treated the Drs. with such disrespect-it sure won’t be Alberta that they choose.

I respect you Danielle. Because you are able to acknowledge where you've made past mistakes and talk about how you've learned and grown from that. It takes a big person to be able to do that. Not something we see from politicians very often. You are bringing new ideas to the table and are able to articulate them well. You have my #1

I like what you have to say and the anger you show us. We are all feel this way and we have had enough. I would vote for you in an election but I will never pay for a right I have as a free person. To vote!

Talking and acting on the issue are two different things and I have seen very few politicians do the latter of the two ( maybe a handful) the rest just fill their pockets at our expense!

I don’t think Danielle Smith shouldn’t ever hold office. Anyone who quits a grass roots party like the Wildrose to support Kenney of the PC’s is a yes person. One who would listen to the big corporations and not the people. The pulse of governing is to pay attention to the people. Not greedy corporations or wealthy businesses. That grass roots party of the Wildrose took a terrible hit when she left. To me that’s double crossing your constituents that supported her. Can’t trust someone like her who is so disingenuous.

She jumped ship. How can she be trusted. She was the leader of party.

Where are all the young people.

Get her done.Good job.

Danielle crossed the floor she out only for herself

Media doesn’t like you much hope you win.

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Rally For Alberta Chestermere

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Come meet UCP leadership candidate Danielle Smith for a rally in Chestermere accompanied by special guest, Rob Anderson of the Free Alberta Strategy. This event will be hosted by Bruce McAllister, former MLA of Chestermere. Doors open at 11:30.

Please join us, bring your friends, and spread the word!

This event will be located at the Lakeside Golf Club.

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Rally For Alberta Edmonton

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This rally is being held in celebration of the final day for Albertans to become members of the UCP to be eligible to vote in the leadership race. You won't want to miss it!

If you haven't come to hear Danielle yet, this is your chance. Find out how your next Premier is going to put Alberta First and STAND UP to Trudeau, and hear first-hand new special announcements!

We can't wait to see you there!

Please join us, invite your friends and family, and spread the word!

This event will be held at Delta Hotels by Marriot Edmonton South Conference Centre. Doors open at 6:30.
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Alberta Town Hall LIVE


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Former MLA Bruce McAllister will be hosting a LIVE town hall across Alberta with Danielle Smith and special guests!

Danielle will be taking YOUR questions on Facebook Live at 1pm or 6pm.

We recommend watching the stream on Facebook Live.

This is the last day to purchase a membership to vote for Danielle before UCP membership cutoff!

For more information visit
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