Frequently Asked Questions

ID Required To Vote

To vote, you must show identification to prove your identity and current address.

To do this, you may provide one piece of Government-issued, photo ID, including your full name, physical address, and photo. Otherwise, you need to show two pieces of ID, both containing your full name, and with one showing your current physical address.

One Piece of Identification

Your Alberta Driver’s Licence or Identification Card can be shown as one piece of ID, if it has your full legal name and current physical address.

If your Driver’s Licence or Identification Card does not have your current address, you may use it as one piece of ID, in combination with another piece of ID showing your current physical address.

Driver’s Licences and Identification Cards only containing a mailing address (e.g. PO Box)

  • If you registered to vote using both your physical and mailing address, and the mailing address you provided matches your ID, you do not need to provide additional identification
  • If you are not registered to vote, or your registration does not include a mailing address that matches your ID, you will need additional identification to prove your physical address (i.e. legal land description, lot-block-plan, or 911 address) prior to voting.

Two Pieces of Identification

When showing two pieces of ID, ensure that both contain your full name and that one piece shows your current physical address.


If you are unable to provide any identification, or cannot confirm your current physical address, you can be vouched for by another registered elector in your voting area.


Your identity can also established through an attestation.

In the specific instances shown below, the attestation form is used in lieu of having a vouching elector physically present. However, the authorized signatory holds a position of authority that ensures the named elector can be confirmed as eligible.

All electors must vote at their assigned voting station. You can find your voting station here.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Electors must vote at their assigned voting place. All voting locations will be open from 9:00 am-8:00 pm.